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Open Matters

Portrait photo of Prof. Miyagawa. Shigeru Miyagawa, Professor of Linguistics & Kochi-Manjiro Professor of Japanese Language and Culture, and recent chair, MIT OpenCourseWare Faculty Advisory Committee.

Professor Shigueru Miyagawa is one of OCW’s most prolific participants, and a long-standing member and recent chair of the OCW Faculty Advisory Committee. As he’s told us:

“To be able to offer teaching materials through OCW is one of the best things that can happen to you as a teacher. It’s like hitting the lottery to touch so many people through your teaching. It’s also good because it keeps you on your feet, knowing that tens of thousands people might be watching.”

In a recent interview with Compass Higher Education Consulting for a forthcoming book on educational leadership, Prof. Miyagawa was asked about the future of OCW. He goes straight to the relationship between OCW and MOOCs, specifically their different conceptions of «open»:

«OCW started this idea that online…

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