Clickjackers: Inside The Strange New World Of Modern Spyware


[tc_dropcap]If you were lucky or, in truth, unlucky enough to download a Chrome and Firefox extension from a site called in 2014 you’d be presented with not much more than a website recommendation engine that you’d probably ignore or uninstall. The app, on its surface, was innocuous. But, if you left it running, you’d be bumping into a fascinating bit of software that points to a new era of spyware that uses your computer in new and nefarious ways and is even sometimes VC-funded.

On the surface, the extension (which is currently reading as malware according to most virus scanners and is effectively dead) brings up pop-ups as you browse. However, if you’re an affiliate marketer – essentially a website creator who makes money by sending customers to pages like or – you would find lots to hate about WeLikeTheWeb’s WebSiteRecommendation plugin. It is an…

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